Stack underflow and recursion

Hi guys,
I posted recently following a bug I had when debugging with NSight. I thought at first it was from the improper way I used to pass pointers of arrays as parameter to function, but it seems to come from the indirect recursion I am using. I am coding a recursive descending tree parser, and for this purpose am doing some sort of funcA calls funcB calls funcC that calls funcA (indirect recursion). The depth of the recursion is unknown at compilation since it is dependent on the depth of the parsed tree. When I try the different functions separately, breaking the recursion, everything works fine. I am using a GTX420, which is 2.0, and thought recursion was supported. Am I mistaken or is there something missing I should specify to the compiler ?
Thx for your help

Oh dear… show us the exact code that gives you the problem, please.

I’m doing a study on irregularly structured call graphs in CUDA applications and would also be very interested in seeing the code…