Stage tool


Hi I have a requirement where the Stage tool prim path should start from the Building, Not from the World and also the World/new_building should not be shown in the Stage tool , so how can I achieve that?

@shazan.fazal i am just another OV user, and i believe there are a few pieces of element to understand about your stage first:

  • World (defaultPrim) - this is something every usd stage should/need to have. by default in OV, it’s set to the World xform prim with its origin placed at the center of the world 0,0,0. you can reassign another prim in your stage to be your defaultPrim at anytime, which we will get to in a minute.
  • new_building - this is the name of your usd that you had saved prior to dragging and dropping it into your current stage as a reference (orange arrow indicates it’s one of usd’s composition arcs). if you don’t wish to see the file name represented, you can either save the usd with the name you’d like to see or simply rename it in your stage view after dragdrop.
  • Building - this is another usd file referenced into new_building.usd. it’s shown as a nested reference because the composition arc is under new_building.usd’s World prim.
  • World_CityDemopack - this is a payload (blue arrow indicates another composition arc) you dragged and dropped as well into your current stage.

so, this probably isn’t anything new to you. but, to get what you are after, the first thing you will want to know how to do is assigning new defaultPrim first (and you will likely have to do this in a few places). the reason why you’d want to have a defaultPrim in a stage is because when you dragdrop said stage later on into a new scene as a composition arc, it’ll retain the children of your defaultPrim; otherwise, nothing will get brought in.

first, let’s open the new_building.usd file and reassign the defaultPrim using the process below. in your case, the Cube prim equates to your Building prim:


I saved the file as MyCube_02.usd. now, when I dragdrop it into a new stage, notice we have now removed one tier of hierarchy where the World xform prim from MyCube_02.usd used to be. the file name is still being used, so we’ll rename this Building for the time being:




now, to remove another tier of hierarchy in this newly created stage so the Building prim sits as the defaultPrim, you do the same thing - remove the defaultPrim assignment from the World xform and set Building as your defaultPrim:


alternatively, you can first delete the World xform prim from the stage before dragdropping any composition arcs into your scene. just remember to set something as the defaultPrim afterwards.

above is one of the ways you can restructure your usd stage the way you need, but hopefully there were some info from above that you can consider.