Standalone Download for CUPTI 11.1?

We have a machine from Lambda Labs which came pre-installed with the Lambda Stack housing CUDA version 11.1.105. Lambda Labs suggests that we utilize their stack to update CUDA itself, so installing a new version of the CUDA toolkit manually is therefore not recommended. I am looking for a standalone version of CUPTI that will be compatible with the drivers installed by Lambda Stack for CUDA v11.1.105. However the NVIDIA Tarball and Zip Archives webpage for CUPTI only goes back as far as CUPTI v11.4.120. Where can I find a Tarball or Zip Archive for CUPTI v11.1.105 independent of the entire CUDA toolkit? Alternatively, is it possible to download the CUDA Toolkit for v11.1 and only install CUPTI, leaving the rest of the drivers unmodified? Finally, is it stable/recommended to install a newer version of CUPTI (i.e. 11.4.120) than the version of the CUDA toolkit that is installed (i.e. v11.1.105), in the event that Tarballs are no longer available for CUPTI v11.1.105?


CUDA and CUPTI tarball and zip archives are provided at Index of /compute/cuda/redist. As you noticed, older versions than 11.4 are not available. Deb and rpm packages are provided at Index of /compute/cuda/repos which are available for older versions including v11.1. Pls check if you can use deb/rpm package of CUPTI.


I must have missed the link you posted while searching. We should definitely be able to use the deb/rpm package of CUPTI. Thank you for your response!