Standard VGA Graphics Adapter being used instead of NVIDIA GRID K120Q vGPU

Hypervisor - vSphere 6
VM OS - Windows 7 x64 (new install with only VNC and NVIDIA Driver and VMware Tools Installed).

I can see both the NVIDIA GRID K120Q and Standard VGA in Device manager with no issues.
But when the VM boots it’s using the Standard VGA.

I look at event logs and have this error.

Source - NVWMI
Level - Warning
Instance and Method provider registration failed - (null) hr=0xFFFFFFFA (-6)

Any help will be appreciated thanks in advance.

I’m also seeing this issue. The VM will use the standard VGA on log in, however if the session is disconnected and reconnect again the VGPU is used instead.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m also seeing this issue. The VM will use the standard VGA on log in, however if the session is disconnected and reconnect again the VGPU is used instead.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi guys - is this under View or XenDesktop - and which versions?

There’s a known MS issue with win7+vSPhere+XenDesktop:

I’ll check with dev as to whether the NVWMI error is known…


support and dev have got back to me:

The NVWMI error is expected. NVWMI requires the NVIDIA Graphics driver to be correctly installed in order to be used.

NVWMI loads at start up so it does not know the difference whether the graphics driver is installed correctly or not,

It’s been escalated to PM and documentation to see if better doc. or long term product change could avoid you hitting this.

Does that sound good?


Hi Rachel,
Mine is with View 6.2.

I heard back from Vmware Support and was informed that the other support case they had was resolved through NVIDIA. Their only note was that NVIDIA provided another driver that is not publicly available.

By the way, if I disconnect from the session and reconnect everything works as it should.

Support have issued this to assist:

Could you comment on whether it is helpful?


This possibly relates to an issue addressed in a driver release about 6 months ago.

Can you ask VMware specifically what driver version was provided to fix this, and any case reference.

Hi Rachel and Jason,
VMware Support and I have gone through the installation, as well as logs, and we did not find any issues.

VMware Support did not have the driver version that corrected the problem. Their client’s last note on the VMware Support Request was that the issue was resolved by a driver provided by NVIDIA.

The K1 GRID card and vGPU solution performs pretty well for what I need. However, the issue I’m running into prevents me from deploying it into production.

By the way, the drivers I’m using are version 362.13 released on 4/4/2016. The vGPU Manager version installed on the host is 361.40.

Try forcing the VIEW Agent to use NvFBC.

Step 5 in the process linked below.

I think this is exactly the same problem I am encountering as described here:
The symptoms described above are certainly a match.
The suggestion referring to KB 2125291 has not resolved this for me.
This issue is currently preventing me from deploying into production. A support case has been raised with VMware.
Does anyone have a resolution to this issue?

If you have access to the drivers mentioned by ‘vdi-guy’ above, would you please contact me urgently. I need to get hold of these drivers to resolve an issue where we are experiencing exactly the symptoms described in this thread.
If you can provide these ‘fixed’ drivers, PLEASE contact me urgently by PM or by email at: robertellisuk <at> gmail <dot> com
Many thanks

Hello rellis12345678

We have the exact same problem with our Poweredge 730 and Nvidia GRID K1 card. Do you know were i can get these explicit drivers?. Our VM’s boot up with the SVGA card and not the Nvidia card. Could you provide me a download link for these drivers?.


Hi Albert

No, I have been unable to obtain the drivers. [note - I also have no definitive evidence that they exist. I strongly suspect that they do but It’s hearsay at this stage]

NVIDIA are currently insisting we go back to our server vendor. In our case that is HP and so I suspect that you’d be directed back to Dell.
I have also raised a point regarding the NVIDIA drivers in the VMWare communities site, because there is something awry with the release dates and version numbering, and I wondered if the driver fix I’m looking for might be hiding in plain sight. Please see this link, item 22, and note the driver marked as released 2nd June:

I’ve downloaded this already, but have yet to try it because I have a VMWare support case pending and don’t want to cloud the issue. As yet no one has been able to clarify the mismatch between version numbers and release dates.

Also just to clarify that our symptoms may not be exactly the same as yours - in our case the situation is that the NVIDIA driver works fine on a Session reconnect but is not detected on a Login (after logoff or reboot). If you can’t get the driver to work at all inside the desktop, you may have a different issue. In your case, what happens when you disconnect and reconnect a session?

That said, given the amount of pain I’ve already endured trying to get this resolved, I’ll definitely keep you updated on my progress, and if we get hold of the NVIDIA driver fix I will be more than happy to share it with you. Please keep an eye on the VMware communities site as that is where I’ll be posting updates as this moves forward (assuming it does!)

Good luck