Stange behavior with curve editor

See, I suddenly cannot move some of the keyframes:

Do you want to check the scene out?


Hello @pekka.varis! I sent this over to the dev team to take a look at. It is always helpful to have your scene file so that we can reproduce the error on our end. You can email me here with the file:

scene sent to that email, thanks Wendy!

Hello @pekka.varis! The development team has informed me that they are working on getting this process improved with the next release of Kit.

For now they have suggest that you don’t adjust curves after placing them in the sequencer. They recommend that you disable the asset in the track, adjust the curve, then enable the asset again.

Also, I’ve sent them your scene file, thanks!

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Got it cool we have a workaround!
I bumped in to this today like 5 times!

I really would love to have this solved, you see I have to render out of my scene in 4 pieces…

The sequencer is still broken in Machinima 2022.2.0
please fix this soon…