Dear Sirs,

We are considering the deployment of STAR-CCM+ software bundle within our company.
At the present time we perform the budget and schedule for it that is why we need to clarify following issues:

  1. Does the Star-CCM+ support Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA)? Or could it be supported in future?
    The personnel of Sarov Engineering Center reassured us that the STAR-CCM+ software doesn’t support CUDA feature, but in accordance with Nvidia Tesla marketing materials, this software is fully compatible with CUDA. Please see p.9 of attached PDF-file ( The CUDA support critical important for us because it will affect on the Cluster specification.
  2. We need the recommended Cluster configuration to perform thermal-velocity calculation for indoor air streams with 10 bln. polygons and double precision within 1 day (approx. 24 hours).

Dear Metro_09,

Thank you for your query regarding CUDA support for Star-CCM+. Unfortunately, Star-CCM+ is not yet supported on CUDA and the slide you were referring suggested that it was going through an evaluation phase. So, Sarov Engineering assessement is accurate. As of now, ANSYS Fluent is one of the major ISVs in CFD that had adopted CUDA for GPU computing.

This is a great opportunity to accelerate on GPUs esp., considering the mesh has 10 billion cells. You may consider taking this to CD-adapco’s attention.

Bhushan Desam
CAE alliances