Star Wars project rendered with Omniverse

I came here to share my first Omniverse project, it’s the latest chapter in my long running Star Wars fanseries that adapts the novel, Heir to the Empire, into animated shorts.

Previously I had been using iClone to animate and render the scenes, but this will be the first where I’ve switched over to Omniverse for the rendering and the jump in quality is amazing!

Motion capture is performed by myself using a Perception Neuron suit, I bring that data into iClone for refinement, facial animation, lip sync etc. Then when it’s ready export to Omniverse for rendering. Extremely excited for the future potential of the platform!


Nicely done!

Awesome work!
Love how you put all this together yourself!

Hope you are finding Omniverse helpful. Let us know if you have any questions.

Love this! Great work!

Really awesome work

I would love to see a “How you did this” tutorial if you ever have time.