Start CUDA Debugging can't find my dlls

My app depends on some dlls from the Boost library.

Ordinary Visual Studio debugger starts just fine. But Nsight->Start CUDA Debugging hangs with message citing missing dlls. I’ve tried putting them everywhere one might think a dll would live.

Any suggestions appreciated


Hi Ronald,

This looks like a “dll search” error, could you tell us more about your project, like

  1. Is it a single or multi projects solution?
  2. project type, exe or dll?
  3. which dll is missing in error message.

As the windows dll search policy, put all the 3rd dlls into the same folder as the exe will resolve this issue, but I think nisght may also has some issue, could you provide your project if it doesn’t contain any confidential content?

Best Regards


I am not Ronald, but have the same problem.
I created project in Qt (with pro file), then added support for cuda and run qmake as
qmake -tp vc
for creating vcxproj for visual studio project (vs2015).
In VS for debugging I add option in Project->Properties …, then choose Configuration Properties->Debugging and set Environment as

So, now I can debug qt application. But if I try to run
Nsight → Start CUDA debugging (legacy)
I have got messages about missing dll’s (Qt5Gui.dll, Qt5Widgets.dll, etc.)

So, is it possible to run night debug in this case?

Thank you very much. I set path from bat-file as in

i.e. my bat file is as following:

set PATH=%PATH%;mypath1;mypath2;mypath3

and all works