Starting a new project in VS2013

I’m in the process of learning some OptiX, and after playing around with some of the samples for a while I’d like to make something from scratch. As far as I understand, OptiX from 3.7 up (I have 3.9) should support VS2013, and I’ve also seen mentions of a new project wizard for VS2012. Does that wizard also exist for VS2013? And if it doesn’t, is there another easy way to start a blank project?

I’ve tried starting a blank C++ project and writing some minimal optix code in that, but I keep getting stuck in a weird succession of compilation, linking and runtime errors, so far without ever getting to something that runs.

edit: Slightly changed original post, but still looking for an easy way to set up a blank project.

Yes, CUDA and optix have support for 2013 in 3.9.

No, we arent really supporting a project wiz for 2013.

Take a look at the CUDA documentation for setting up a new project. The only subtlety with an optix-based project is you have to change the target type of your .cu files containing optix programs to be PTX, rather than OBJ or binary.