Starting Cuda and GPU Is there GPU in NVDIA 8000+ Series ??

I am confused that GPU is separate hardware in Graphics card or not??
Is GPU is integrated in NVDIA 8000+ series graphics card??

Thank you.

Your PC has a CPU, probably Intel or AMD based.

Your Video Card has an equivalent of a CPU, instead, its called GPU.

In short, yes, your 8000 series Nvidia card has a GPU, without it, it simply wouldnt work.

Thank you for the reply…

Now I have proceed to run cuda programs. I have read getting started with cuda training ppt file. I have installed Visual studio 2005. I have installed all other needed cuda stuffs too. I have tried to run the programs of that ppt example file. but still unsuccessful on that.

I have run the first program of this site…t-cuda-program/

It worked well. But the example code of other exercise is creating error.

It would be helpful if you genius people guide me in programing on CUDA with VC++.

Thank you.