Starting out learning TAO is my PC specs enough?

I got 32GB of RAM
GTX 970.
and 1TB HDD.

would that be sufficient? or do I need a cloud server to learn TAO?


It is not sufficient. GeForce GTX 970 has a compute capability of 5.2.

For training, actually at least 1 NVIDIA GPU is available and make sure its compute capability is equal or higher than 6.1. You can check the dgpus and compute capability in CUDA GPUs | NVIDIA Developer

For deployment, all Jetson products are supported. And all dgpus which have compute capability equal or higher than 5.3 are supported.

Thank you for the reply.
I borrowed a 1080-Ti .

I am wondering if we have a choice should I purchase 1080-TI or 3060 they seems to be around same price range but 3060 compute capability is 7.5+

You can search the info for both cards via web.

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