Starting up NVIDIA IVA Developer access

Here’s the summary of the steps as outlined on the getting started with the IVA developer program:

  1. Install Docker related software on Ubuntu Linux environment :

Install Docker.

  1. Install Nvidia driver (>= 384.xx) (please can you be more specific on the version? I am using Ubuntu 19.04

  2. Install nvidia-docker.

4.Sign into using the same credentials as your NVIDIA account

  1. Go to Configuration tab to generate the API key. Save this API key in a secure location. You’ll need it throughout using software.

6.Download the docker container:

docker login

Username: $oa (where is the username? Is this the same username for the NVIDIA developer program)

Password:(is this the same password to the Nvidia Developer program or something else?)

  1. docker pull
    Where is the documentation from to get started?

Please an someone clarify these issues?
Thank you

Username should be exactly $oauthtoken
Password should be your API_KEY. Get the key from

You can get the document from
But this is only for early-access version.

We will release GA version soon. Then you can download the new version of TLT along with its new document.