Starting with Docker on DrivePX2

Hey everyone,

i wanted to start writing Docker applications for the DrivePX2 usage. I started with the installation and did some tutorials so far. It works pretty good and i am starting to set up my own applications with docker. It will me manly python or ROS applications.

I have different questions now:

  1. It seems the ARM architecture and the AMD architecture are now quite the same. Images that work good on my AMD computer are not working on the DrivePX, even if they are built on the ARM processor. Can you recommend any tips and tricks for working with Docker?

  2. What is a necessary base image for the DrivePX2 ? I tried different python images, a ros-image and an ubuntu image. Each image has lead to different problems and no i am struggeling what is a good image to start with python and ROS

  3. Are there any guidelines for working with Docker on the DrivePX2?

Thanks for your help.