Startup Issues, No Power

Hi I’m just getting started and can’t seem to get my jetson nano board to power on properly. I’m a bit perplexed because I plug in my barrel connector and I do not see the PWR LED light up, but if I have a fan connected to GPIO pins 6 & 4 and the fan led connected to 2 & 9, I see the fan spin and light up. I have my Jetson Xavier module socketed with a fan mounted and plugged into the fan power. The heatsink and fan on the Xavier module does not spin. This is my hardware, item by item:

Well since I’m new and can only post one link, here is a pastebin with my links (amazon/newegg) of my actual hardware:

So I can tell that my carrier board is bit different than ‘normal’ as it doesn’t have a SD Card slot, but it seems like what I’d want to do is flash it via the SDK Manager over the usb connection and that this is pretty normal. I have two carrier board and tested them both and have this same problem. I currently only have one Xavier Module to test with. From what I’ve been reading the older carrier boards had a jumper that you had to disconnect for dc power. I’m trying to use AC power and there isn’t a jumper by the barrel port on my board. There doesn’t seem to be a clear notion of what someone is supposed to do in this situation. Power cable in should mean PWR LED on, but I’m not seeing that. Strangely though my fan gets power from GPIO, which makes me think I’m doing something really dumb wrong. Has anyone run into this kind of dumb issue?

Hi brad.stein,

What’s your Jetpack version in use?

It seems you are using the custom carrier board for Xavier NX.
You should ask your vendor for custom BSP package and reflash the board.

I can’t open your link, please help to check if the link is complete and the website is accessible.

Thank you for getting back to me! My sdkmanager is version on Ubuntu 23.04. I think that is my JetPack version, right?
Hopefully this pastebin link works: Cvex8bbZ - remove the space :)
This is the the carrier board I’m using:
I think it is a custom board. I’m pretty new to the Jetson environment, so thank you for your patients. I should expect though (in general) that plugging in the board to a 5V 4a AC power supply that powers the GPIO pins enough to turn the fans on, that the board should just come on? I’d think the PWR LED should light up, right? So the BSP will allow me to flash the board with a bootable image? Is that a hardware package? The board doesn’t seem to boot up enough that I can interface it with software. Thank you for helping and letting me know to ask about a BSP.

It seems the version of your host PC, not the Jetson device.
I’m not sure if Ubuntu23.04 could work with JP5, but it would not work with JP4.
JP4: Ubuntu 16.04/18.04
JP5: Ubuntu 18.04/20.04

It seems the custom board from Waveshare.

BSP is the software available to be flashed into the board to make it boot up and function. We have the BSP package on our release page, but that is for the devkit.
Please get the custom BSP package from your vendor first and follow the related steps to flash the board. If there’s any issue, please provide the flash log from the host and serial console log from the board.

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