State of cuda-gdb / Nsight debugging with OpenACC code?


searching in the Forum didn’t give many recents posts, so I’m wondering what is the state of OpenACC kernels debugging with cuda-gdb (or with Nsight?, though I have never used that one).

I just started trying cuda-gdb, but somehow I’m unable to step properly into the kernel region to inspect the code.

I’m going to read carefully through the cuda-gdb manual, but I wanted to ask also here, because perhaps OpenACC + cuda-gdb are not yet in very good terms so my efforts will be in vain?

Any help/pointers appreciated,

cuda-gdb doesn’t officially support OpenACC but the debug symbol for the device code is there (when compiled with -g) so you can use it.

The problem though is that the code is heavily transformed when creating the device code making it difficult to step line by line. Try adding “-O0”. This will help somewhat.