State of raw bayer support in libargus

The documentation for the libargus 32.4.3 Release states:

Functionality not provided by libargus:

Reprocessing of Bayer (raw) images. (Planned to be added in a later release.)
Output of Bayer (raw) images. (Planned to be added in a later release.)

But e.g. in Obtaining raw bayer data array from camera using Jetson Nano it is stated that raw bayer can only be received through libargus. My understanding was that only the v4l2src pathway would allow to capture raw bayer.

Could you please clarify raw bayer implementation status in libargus?

Current the v4l2 and argus both can capture the raw data. But the RAW from argus is RAW16 that been go through some ISP pipeline to generate the RAW16.

Thanks for the reply. Could you provide some detail what is planned for raw bayer in libargus and an estimate of the timeline?

The J4.3/J4.4 already support it. You can reference to the …/tegra_multimedia_api/argus/samples/cudaBayerDemosaic/main.cpp

Hi ShaneCCC,

Jetson Xavier NX can support to use this sample to capture raw bayer ?

Yes, NX can support it.