Static CAN-Configuration PX2 Aurix


I have a question about configuring Aurix to filter msg with static approach, while I have issues with EasyCan limitations (only 120 msg id acceptable).

In Aurix documentation found in “/home/anjazrnec/NVIDIA/Drive/5050bL_SDK/DriveSDK/drive-t186ref-foundation/utils/scripts/DPX2-P2379-EB-V4.02.02_release/doc” states:

“With the static approach, the CAN-Messages needs to be predefined in the AURIXTM CAN-Configuration. In
the sample application, the following messages are configured in the AURIXTM to be forwarded to the Tegras.
This configuration is static and can only be changed with the EB Tresos Configuration Tool.”

I guess, if I’m not wrong, there are no limitations in number of msg id filtered, but I can’t find EB Tresos Configuration Tool. Do you know where can I download it, and maybe some user guide how to configure?

hello anja,

may I know did you have modification of EasyCanConfigFile.conf?
please check the Aurix documentation [EB-DrivePX_Software_User_Guide_DPX2_P2379.pdf]->[Chapter 5.5.2. Configuration of RX messages on Tegra]

there’s limitation, which should be within 120 entries.