Static Lib, NativeActivity

I am having trouble getting my static library to work with another NativeActivity project.
The static library is created form a clean “NativeActivity” project and uses Static Library (.a) as Configuration type in VC. Compiling works and it spits out a .a file (lets call it engine.a)

I then creaed a new NativeActivity project and added the engine.a to to VC, setting the file type to “Library”. However, building it results in a link error “undefined reference” for those functions which are in engine.a.
For some reason it seems the library is not really linked. And I wonder what I have to setup in VC to make this work.

I did try adding the engine.a under Linker\Additional Dependencies, but this did not help.

I really appreciate and help here.

Try ‘-lengine.a’ - this is a known issue we’re working to address.

Thank you Jones, this did the trick.
Please keep on improving Nsight Tegra, it will become very useful and already is.

I have a similar issue. Though I was able to create a new project and compile the static library (.a) and also managed to link it with my project ( it was recognizing where it was being called from) - But when I try to run it on my device I get a “Segmentation fault (SIGSEGV)” error. I dont know why I am getting it. I didnt try adding “-l.a” in linker section as it was compiling and linking perfectly.

Any pointers?

if you can provide the project, we can look closer at the problem