Static library project - compile error

Hello, I am very new to nsight environment and cuda development. So, I need to create a static library project and generate a libXX.a output.

Nsight could not manage to create a libXX.a output although the compilation of the source files is completed. I have changed the same project to generate a shared library, it works.

The output says:

Building target: libXX.a
Invoking: NVCC Archiver
nvcc -lib -o “libXX.a” ./main.o
/bin/sh: 1: nvcc: not found
makefile:58: recipe for target ‘libXX.a’ failed
make: Leaving directory ‘/home/ubuntu/work/XX/Debug’
make: *** [libXX.a]Error 127

Shell completed (exit code = 2)

Thank you

Hi, memduhaas

From the log it seems the error is caused by “/bin/sh: 1: nvcc: not found”
Is it possible that some environment setting error ?

Anyway, if possible, would you please upload a minor project that can reproduce the issue ?