Static variable in kernel program


Does anyone know how to set a static variable in kernel code?

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Hi, everyone.

I just set a static variable in the kernel program (using keywork “static”) and make a loop to execute the kernel program multiple times. The static variable was increamented correctly when the kernel program is called.

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You’re doing something the standard prohibits. Section 6.5 says:

In other words, program scope variables cannot be mutable.

Section 6.8 says:

This is not supposed to work. The fact that it does may be a carry-over from CUDA.

Do not expect this to work in different or newer implementations.

To my knowledge there’s no approved way to have static-like behavior. And I’m thankful for that, automatic dependency analysis is much easier without it.

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In that case, if I have a loop and wish to run the kernel program multiple times, how can I pass to the kernel program the iteration variable?

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Just by argument. It makes for a much more maintainable code by the way.

I got it.

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