Status of all Jetson Nano pin during backup shutdown

Hello NVIDIA support,
Trying to provide backup to NVIDIA Jetson Nano for graceful shutdown & not to rest of board. That is 5V rail going to Jetson Nano will be backed up & 5V rail going to other peripherals is not backed up. Even 3.3V & 1.8V rails wouldn’t be backed up, so during shutdown process all peripherals will already be powered off while Jetson Nano will still be getting powered off due to its backup.
So during that time all GPIO/ peripherals pins of Jetson will be shortly connected to unpowered peripherals. So is this OK for Jetson Nano? Or you suggest something else?


Nano module should power off later than carrier board so that its IO ports won’t be affected during this course.

Thanks Trumany,

So what I get from your response is GPIOs & peripheral pins of Nano shouldn’t be affected during 10 seconds of shutdown time when carrier board is powered off while Jetson is being shutdown with backup. Please confirm my understanding.


Yes, that’s correct.

Hello Trumany,
Thanks for confirmation. This helped a lot.

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