status of support of DP hub and multi gpu for connecting monitors to it (no CUDA) please?

Hello, I own a GTX1060.
It as only three connectors so I was wondering if I could use a display port hub
'that one
with it to get to 4 monitors.

also, I tried GTX 1060 + 760 , my 760 outputs were deactivated by software.
(Lame policy in 2018 btw, this should work OObox,for such a price…)

since 1060 has no sli connectors, would a pair of the same cards (1060) be usable for rendering content and connecting max 7 screens in the same X terminal?


The DP hub should work but keep in mind that the monitors then only run at 4k@30Hz max.
Two 1060 to drive 7 monitors won’t work (unless you can live with two independent X screens or nouveau), that’s a feature reserved for Quadros.