Steam Home Streaming desktop capture flicker, workaround ForceCompositionPipeline no longer working with 390.25

Steam bug report here:

The tl;dr is that there is some sort of a synchronization issue that causes artifacts in Steam Home Streaming when streaming from a Linux machine with nvidia graphics.

Here are the issues I’ve noticed:

  1. Artifacts in games
  2. Slowness playing videos while streaming the desktop, as if most frames are being dropped
  3. Flickering in the Steam Big Picture Mode application

I am streaming from a desktop with a GTX 660, running Ubuntu 17.10 with the default kernel (4.13). Nvidia drivers installed from the graphics drivers PPA.

Up until driver version 387, enabling ForceCompositionPipeline in nvidia-settings used to solve this almost perfectly. In 390.25, this no longer serves as a workaround for the issues with Steam Home Streaming video capture.

Is this due to an intentional change? If so, I’d very much like to find a different workaround, since I don’t want to be restricted to using old drivers forever. Of course if the bug could be solved altogether, that’s even better.