SteamVR/CUDA applications with Pascal Architecture causing HMD freezes

This is a reference to a thread detailing this issue here:
I’m hoping by posting here I can get a Nvidia dev to chime in on where they think the problem lies.

Example Symptoms from original thread:

SteamVR freezes (in the presence of CUDA/OpenGL or CUDA-OpenGL interop) in the scene application.

Image in the HMD freezes (and persists)
Our engine keep running normal without any errors, but at ~10fps
Our internal profiler timeline shows a very long wait on WaitGetPoses
The rendered images are blitting successfully into the companion window
Our engine can still exit cleanly

After our engine process has exiting:
Image in the HMD is still frozen
SteamVR can exit cleanly (non of the processes hanging around)
SteamVR resumes normal operation after restart
I have a suspicion this could be a bug in SteamVR or the NVIDIA driver for Pascal GPUs. Does not happen on Maxwell or Kepler. We do insert a full device sync after all CUDA work is done and before any OpenGL works start and also before the WaitGetPoses(). No manual handoff call. The bug could also be in SteamVR.