Steering Wheel support

Hello, is there any steering wheel hardware support?

Something like Logitech G920 for instance, e.g.

Hi elgau3,

What is your application for the steering wheel? We ( have additional libraries that build on top of isaac that we are releasing to beta users in two weeks that include support for Logitech Steering wheels.

Hi, this is more a follow-up on

I’m still evaluating starting a new project with Isaac vs AirSim

When something is missing in open source (like in AirSim) you can open an issue in Github and even send a pull request.

When working on a closed source solution like Isaac you build libraries on top but is no longer part of the product as it would be the case of a merged PR.

Hi elgalu3,

I understand what you are saying about open source and using pull requests to add features vs close source and requesting features. But the choice for Nvidia to keep the core development closed source I think is the correct decision (I have been frustrated with the issac team in the past, so I understand both sides of this argument). If Isaac was opened up the way you are suggesting the core team would loose focus on the ultimate goal of isaac (and great core architecture they have built) becuse of the distraction of feilding many pull requests, determining how they impact Isaac and ultimately is it for jetson hardware. Remember Nvidia at the end of the day is a hardware company and this drives decision making.

With that they have build a great platoform for users to be able to add onto Issac how they need through packages. This is the best approach, becuse typically you do not want to clutter your core archtecture with many random features. NodeJs did a wonderful job at this amd created node package manager as a result. Over the course of using isaac we saw that it lacked this ability and have build a package manager for isaac that we will be releasing with our beta to better allow users to share and collaborate with packages.

On your decision between AirSim and Isaac, I think you might be asking the wrong question. Isaac is so much more than a simulator. The question is more in the frame of do you just want to do simulation, or are you looking for an end to end solution to simulate and deploy to production. If the latter is the case than Isaac is the best choice.

Also keep in mind Isaac is young and still growing. We have had our ups and downs with the Isaac team and some times blaitently angry at eachother. But ultimately these guys (Shri and David especially) are putting in a massive amount of effort building a truely great platform and the best is yet to come.

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Yes, as you say, I’m looking for an end to end solution to simulate and deploy to production.

Thanks for your feedback, it’s very useful:)