Step-by-step guide for setting up static IP

Hi there,

I am trying to set up a reliable way to SSH into my Jetson Nano, with a static IP.

I have tried a number of different guides from YouTube and none of them have worked for me, and the other guides I have tried seem to assume some prior knowledge in networks etc. which I don’t have.

My goal is to be able to SSH into the Jetson Nano using the same address every time, regardless of which network the Nano is connected to.

I would SO appreciate a step-by-step guide. I have a screen hooked up and I’m ready to go - also I’m using a cellular USB dongle to connect to the internet via 4G, in case that changes anything.

Thanks in advance!

I suggest that if you don’t already have “nm-connection-editor”, that you install this (via “sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome”). Start this with sudo, find the MAC address of your interface, and just tell it to not use DHCP (you’d have to add the IP address you want).

So if I’m understanding correctly, I need to find the MAC address of the cellular USB dongle that I use for internet?

Assuming I get that, and disable DHCP, what’s next?

Typically the MAC is used to identify the NIC by various software. I suppose it is possible to identify by other means, but I’ve not tried. Note that if the device is USB, then you will see the MAC if you monitor “dmesg --follow” and then plug in the device. Or you could in some cases find MACs via “ifconfig”.

Check out the “nm-connection-editor”. If you’ve found your device and click on the gear to configure, then deselecting DHCP will make available a menu item to tell it what IP address to use. There really isn’t anything else needed when doing this unless you want some sort of special mode, e.g., bridging. I suppose you could set the netmask to the one exact address, but even that might not be needed unless there is another network device getting in the way with a conflicting address.