Step-wise procedure to deploy a custom tensorflow 2.4 object detection model in deepstream 5.1


I need a step wise procedure to deploy a single class custom trained tf 2.4 object detection ssd mobilenet v2 fpn 640*640 model in deepstream 5.1. Since i am new to this i will also need assistance in deploying for real time stream.


I am using jetpack 4.5.1 in jetson nano.

Relevant Files

i have successfully trained and exported the frozen graph for the model.
I have also done the inference from the .ckpt and .pb file achieving 5 FPS in jetson nano.
I need this to be faster in real time so need these steps to achieve that.

Kindly request to provide all the required posts, forum discussions etc for this.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @dhiraj.patnaik1621996,

This forum talks about updates and issues related to TensorRT.
We request you to raise your query on the below link.

Thank you.