Steps to Moving a Motor on Jetson Nano Using Ros 2


I would highly appreciate it if you could guide me on what the steps are for moving a motor (Dynamixal Motor) using Jetson Nano on ROS 2.

I’m a beginner and it’s very confusing to ensure that I have every dependency needed.

The steps I know so far are:

  1. Install ROS 2
  2. Install Python 3
  3. Create a workspace
  4. Install Dynamixal Motor packages
  5. Configure GPIO pins / Configure Dynamixal motor
  6. Build ROS 2 workspace then source it
  7. Create a Node and code the program
  8. Run the Node

However, I do not know:
a. Do I need a container, such as Docker?
b. How to find the commands needed for step 5 and 7?
c. Are those the only steps or am I missing something more?
d. What recourses are out there that could show me examples?

Hi @k.ambh949, not sure about the specifics of using Dynamixel motors (perhaps someone from the community might be able to share their experiences), but if you are on JetPack 4 and want to use ROS2, then yes using one of these container images will allow you to skip building ROS2 from source yourself:

Use one of the r32.7.1 container images, as these are compatible with JetPack 4 (for example, dustynv/ros:humble-desktop-l4t-r32.7.1). For hosting your ROS workspace, you can mount an external directory with the --volume argument when you start the container.

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