Stereo Camera Options for Distance Estimation using Jetson Nano a02

Good Day!
I am currently working on an early warning system for motorcycle that detects objects in front of a motorcycle and have a specific output on the GPIO pins depending on the distance of the camera from the detected objects. I believe that stereo camera (IMX219-83) which uses 2 CSI cables would be the best option for my budget and what I am trying to do, but I could only get my hands on a Jetson Nano A02 here in Philippines. What other low budget (under or a little bit over $100) options do I have to get the estimate distance of the objects detected or is there a way to have distance estimation with a single camera?

Suppose imx219 was the best for the price.
For distance Estimation you need implement the software by yourself.

Is it possible to do it with using only a single camera

I don’t think so.

Oh ok, guess I have to still go for an stereo camera. Thank you!

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