Stereo matching error filling problem


 I am using Tx2 to get depth image.When I compare the SGBM result from visionworks and from opencv, I find out that result from visionworks does fill the little hole with wrong pixel value. Especially when I move the camera and the noise go up. 
 So here is my problem, how can I set the configuration file to reduce these error filling.
 Here is my configuration file.
min_disparity = 0
max_disparity = 64
P1 = 20
P2 = 120
sad = 5
bt_clip_value = 31
max_diff = 32000
uniqueness_ratio = 10
scanlines_mask = 255
flags = 2
ct_win_size = 0
hc_win_size = 1



The details of SGBM parameter can be found at our documents:

Open /usr/share/visionworks/docs/index.html

[i]> VisionWorks API

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Stereo Matching Demo App[/i]