Stereo Support GTX 680

I got my hands on a couple of GTX 680’s and a ASUS 3D monitor.

After installing 310.40 drivers and a bit of googling I am no closer to enabling stereo.

The X logs says that stereo is only available on quadro cards.

Is this just a misconfiguration on my part or is this feature not yet available in the linux drivers?


David Conlan

Stereo modes are only supported on Quadro. Please see the README for details.

Just out of curiosity, i don’t need stereo3d.

Is there an hardware or software technical reason about this or is just a developer/manager choice to not to enable stereo on cards other than quadro?

I’m asking because when i used to run windows, i played several games with shutter glasses and nvidia stereo3d drivers withous so much issues on cards much, MUCH less powerfull than GTX ones…

Purely marketing reason…Linux is all about professional users for nVidia…they don’t want to destroy their profit here…

Non official answer --> means you’re probably right, sigh :(