Stereo Vision for up to 8 cameras Shootout: Comparing the ISP vs the V4L2 API vs GPML vs USB 3.0

I know the Astro carrier board has 8 GMSL camera inputs.

How many cameras can the ISP support for input vs V4L2 API or GPML or USB 3.0?

I’d like to use global shutter cameras and have every camera frame synchronized, is this possible with the ISP, V4L, GMSL, and USB 3.0?

How does routing through the ISP compare to the V4L API, GMSL and USB 3.0 in terms of performance when performing stereo vision on multiple PAIRS of cameras?

One thought would be to use multiple Zed USB 3.0 stereo vision cameras over a USB 3.0 hub though I don’t think they support synchronizing frames between multiple ZED’s on the TX1.

Have I overlooked any other options?

What would the most performant method be for performing stereo vision on 8 cameras (4 stereo vision pairs)?

Any idea on possible frame rates from performing stereo vision using 8 pairs of cameras at say at a low VGA up to 1 MP resolution?


You should reference design guide for camera. For the BSP, you could download R24.1 from

We provide an OV4693 V4L2 sensor driver as a reference. Total 6 cameras can be connected for the CSI interface. For GMSL, you should be able to design a connector board to achieve that. We are still working on KPI data and will be available for future release.