Stereoscopic Output in Omniverse View / Hand/Head Tracking Support

Is it currently possible to enable Stereo 3D Output in Omniverse View, so that the output can be shown on an active stereo display (Side by Side, frame sequential etc.)? Moreover, if this is possible, what kind of support for head/hand tracking is provided (e.g. A.R.T based tracking)? Thanks, Doron

Hello @DoronGoldfarb! Welcome to the Community! We currently support several lens features for cameras inside of Create. Here are some links to the documentation:

Let me know if this answers your question for stereo display!

I’m not sure if we support Hand/Head Tracking. I am checking with the development team and I will post back when I have more information.

Dear Wendy,

thanks very much for the quick reply, I’ll check the camera setup, it looks promising!

Regarding hand/head tracking, thanks for contacting the dev team, it would be great to know if this could be configured via A.R.T or VRPN, etc.


Hi DoronGoldfarb,

Did u manage to get active stereo(frame sequential) working? From the documentations, it seems to only support left/right eye stereo.

Hi weeys,

no, unfortunately not. Even the left/right eye “stereo role” config option currently only seems to be a dummy setting I am afraid. See for example Cameras — Omniverse Create documentation, where “stereo role” has an asterisk next to it, which translates to “* Kit Based apps allows these values to be set in accordance with the USD schema, however these settings are currently ignored by RTX rendering.” Lets hope that this will change soon.

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The Omniverse for XR is out, but sadly , the support for cave/powerwall/desktop stereo rendering is still missing.