Still can´t get AC Valhala / FC6 / some idk dx12 shenanigans working

lutris log (1.8 KB)
^log is for AC Valhala
So, cant get some dx12 games working, on a GTX 1650 behaviour applies for propriatery and open kernel modules drivers, tried many different combos of configs / running thru Steam / checked any missing dependencies all good
AC Valhala before driver 515.65 would start and load but then the game would just force quit itself for some reason, now on 515.65 it doesnt even boot .
pls fix I think the game used to work like a year ago idk
FC6 cant say more than it just gives unsupported driver error and closes

“*edit” AC Valhala starting again it was a bug with ubi connect but its just back to old behaviour

Does it still work with the 470 legacy driver?