Still confused about drivers

I’m a beginner in 3D animation and game development. I don’t have a huge, professional setup yet. Maybe down the road. I do have a desktop gtx980/8800k/16gb system. I also have a MobileStudio Pro 16 which has a Quadro M1000M/16gb. My question pertains to the drivers for the Quadro. I am beginning 3D modeling and rendering, Unreal Engine 4, and also do some gaming. They are light 3D games like Inside and a couple that are a little more demanding like WoW and Sea of Thieves.

The explanation still seems a little vague on ODE vs QNF. Considering what I’ll be using it for, which one would be best? I’ve tried both but really don’t notice a difference.

There are two problems that I’ve had with the Quadro. On some games there is diagonal screen tearing that I can’t get rid of. This is minor, as this is not a gaming machine and I don’t game on it often. The other is more irritating. Photoshop refuses to recognize my Quadro and continues to use the Intel 550 IG. There might be other software doing this but I have only noticed Photoshop so far. The only GPU recognized in settings is the Intel. When I disable the Intel 550 through device manager it disables everything, including the Quadro. Is this a driver conflict issue?

So my two questions are, ODE or QNF, and how can I get these GPU’s to not hate each other? Power isn’t a concern so It would be real nice if I could completely disable the Intel and exclusively use the Quadro. I haven’t been able to figure that out.


Never mind about the Photoshop issue. After a year of dealing with that I have reinstalled Win10 fresh and the latest Quadro drivers. I couldn’t believe my eyes when Photoshop performance setting recognized the Quadro.

I still have a question about whether to use ODE or QNF. Right now I have the QNF driver installed. Not concerned about the diagonal tearing in games anymore because I assume that is more of a developer choice to support non gaming drivers rather than an issue with drivers.

Nevermind… found my answer on a NON Nvidia forum immediately.

it is not easy to built a perfect computer, when you find your perfect setup, you should keep is along your life… not every fresh driver will work perfect with other apps such as Vray etc…
hope you will find your own solutions

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