Still not onboard with how this works

I got the orin nano up and running. I have my nice green desktop and a bunch of lackluster icons. I installed Eclipse’s C++ IDE (for lack of any better idea) and now I want to control the IO pins on my Orin’s breakout header. I’m toying with the idea of installing ROS2, but for now, not important.

Q1: How do I peek and poke the output lines?
Q2: How does one do video capture on this Orin nano? Standard linux video capture? Don’t know how that’s done.


It is uncertain what this query is. Please share more information about it.

General video sources are USB cameras, YUV sensors, Bayer sensors. For USB cameras and YUV sensors, you can capture frame data through v4l2 interface. For Bayer sensors, we have Argus stack to get the frame data after debayering/ISP.

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