Still unable to download, getting an access denied message

So… I called Nvidia and they told me to come here and ask for a download link even though I told them I just need the plugin download for photoshop…

Hi bubu648! The direct link is, but that will return a login prompt or Error 403 if you’re running into the same issue as here.

If you go to My Profile | NVIDIA Developer and click on “My Programs”, make sure you see “NVIDIA Developer Program” there; if you don’t see it, I believe you can join at NVIDIA Developer Program | NVIDIA Developer - let me know if that works!

Thank you so much!!!

I can’t remember how many people I spoke with about why I couldn’t download it but you are the first to give an exact answer as to why I couldn’t download it. The weird thing is I had developer options in my programs already.
Then clicked the direct link is,
It came back with Access Denied again so I clicked to add the developer to my programs again using NVIDIA Developer Program | NVIDIA Developer then tried the first link again and the download initiated instantly!

Thank you very much!
Please add this information to the online callers so they can help others like myself that couldn’t understand what was going wrong.

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