StopCriterion with Modulus Container

I see that there is a bug with the stop_criterion code as discussed in this post:

Does anyone know of a workaround for this bug (other than bare metal install)? I was going to use a brief bash script and sed to replace the problematic lines when a user launches my program, but the modulus code is read-only.

Hi @patterson

Apologies for not having an updated image quite yet. Its unusual that you’re not able to edit the source code in your container (although this would not change the image).

My suggestion would be to use create a extended docker container, using the current Modulus one as a base image and reinstall a patched modulus on top in your dockerfile. That or mount patched modulus source code when your run your container and install it inside the container (full install or develop install)

Hi @ngeneva,

No problem, I have been using the time to expand on the parameterization of my problem.

I’m using a singularity container created from the docker container, so that may be where the read only permissions snuck in. I’ll try pulling the docker container, modifying, and then converting over.