Storage Spaces Direct switch config

I am setting up an S2D Cluster and looking for info on switch configuration.

Using Windows Server 2022, Supermicro custom servers, Melanox SwitchX, specifically SX6036 with the Eth enabled.

I am following the Lenovo Storage Spaces Direct Deployment Guide. It uses RoCE, PFC with DCB.

I have the Nodes configured but am struggling with the switch settings.

Is there a Guide or KB on SwitchX config with Server 2019/2022. Most of what I find is for Server 2016.

Searching I think i need

switch (config) # dcb priority-flow-control enable
switch (config) # dcb priority-flow-control priority 3 enable
switch (config) # interface ethernet 1/1-1/4 dcb priority-flow-control mode on force
switch (config) # dcb ets tc bandwidth 49 50 0 1



There is no specific guide specific to Windows Server for switch ROCE config.

That switch is end of life already so support and documentation will be limited.

This does not apply to your switch, but on Onyx there is a new command to enable ROCE for the whole switch with the default settings for ROCE:
roce lossless

Verify with the following command:
show roce