Store texture data in USD

Hi everyone,

I don’t know if this is the right place for this topic. I’m curious if there’s a method for consolidating a USD file along with its textures into a single file, perhaps using a 2D array format for the textures.

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Yes actually there is a great way to do this. We have a USD file, which is just geometry and scene setup. Then we also support USDZ which is the USD Zipped format that will include all the textures from that scene.

You need omni.kit.usdz_export extension loaded. Then go to the Layers window and Right-click on the Root layer. You should see a USDZ export option in that context menu.

Another method that is very useful is inside of USD Composer and our other apps we have a “Collect” tool under the “File” menu, that allows the software to reach out and search all the textures and references you are using and bring them down into one Folder. From there you could also just manually zip the folder and send it out.

Thank you for your response. Actually my objective is to find a method to store texture data in text format, as it provides flexibility for potential texture adjustments in the future. I’m intrigued as to why meshes can be converted into points and faces, yet there seems to be no analogous process for textures.

Well textures are a visual medium. They are like any other image format.

I see your point. What I’m trying to understand is why meshes can be represented as arrays of points, faces, and face indices, whereas textures or images couldn’t be stored in a similar structured format, such as a 2D array of color vectors.