Strange abrupt shutdown on jetson tk1

I was working on my laptop when I suddenly saw the monitor that displayed the jetson tk1 go into command line mode abruptly and then shutdown… After I turned it on again, it didn’t go to the gui and shut down. The next bootup lead to the login screen, then after a minute it did closed the gui, went to command line and shutdown. The third time I booted, seems to be fine… but I am very interested as to why it did this.

Here is the syslog

Which release of L4T are you using? There were several releases which had a similar logout issue, but I think was fixed at R21.3 (current is R21.4). If not using the most recent L4T, I’d recommend flashing and testing again.

I’m using R21.4, I’m also running an apache2 server if that counts for anything.

Do you have a serial port to watch on? This will show everything even during shutdown…no video or ssh required. From the description it’s hard to tell what’s going on…the GUI shutting down could just be an X11 server issue, but shutting down Jetson itself indicates something more serious. The trouble is that if your only access is via the HDMI connector or ssh then you don’t really know it has actually shutdown (except perhaps for the power light going out).

If the unit is connected to the internet without some form of firewall, it could even be outside hacks (especially since user “ubuntu” has a standard password until changed).

Serial port setting is 115200 8N1…if you don’t have a serial port on your other system you can use something like a serial UART (USB at one end, DB9 at the other):

Check the logs.

One possibility : The TegraK1 with L4T will do emergency shutdown if it gets too hot. The Jetson has a fan (it is working right?) so it should not shutdown like that.