Strange Behaviour of DX11 TiledResources at RTX driver ( RTX 2080 Ti )

Hi Driver Team,

The basic situaltion:
A couple of month we integrate tiled resource buffers (sparse buffers) in our engine core. Since we have done that we recognized strange totally random crashes( device hang/removed errors). Aftermath tell us we have a DMA fault while are stages are fine. D3D debug layer remains silent before TDR invokes timeout rejection.

After removing tiled resource buffers and replace them with static ones the system is stable again and never crashes.

Now the questions:
(1) Are there any known issues with tiled resources and the RTX driver(s)
(2) GPU memory footprint increase of ~700MB when asigning only one default tile 2048 times across a tiled buffer.
(3) Crash inside driver when create an empty tiled pool, which should be resized later.
© Random device_removed error when GPU seems to evict pages when physical VRAM usage is high and the runtime uses tiled buffers
(3) Are you generally recommend tiled resources API to use for dynamic buffering?

We can submit repo cases and aftermath crash dumps if needed.


PS: For you interest; I already have submit another tiled resource related bug in the tools forum ( Nsight 2020.4 issues with DX 11 tiled resources ) Subjecting the DX11 tiled resource problem @dwoods direct me to this forum. I hope this is the place to be for the subject.