Strange clBuildProgram Error 'anonymous_jit_identity'

I’m getting a strange error after calling clBuildProgram for my program. Here is the output from the build log:

I’m taking the following explanation from the Khronos forums, but I wanted to post it here in case it is a compiler bug:

Does anyone else have any ideas as to what this may be? It sounds like there is some error at line 2376 of this file near “.”. Very descriptive I must say :argh: . I tried completely reinstalling the SDK and that doesn’t seem to work.…f=28&t=2211

That seems like a compiler bug to me. OpenCL is rather a minefield of those right now :argh:.

If you could post the code here, it might help the people at NV fix the compiler bug. In the meanwhile, try using clGetProgramInfo to get the binary from the built code. “Binary” in this case actually means PTX, so hopefully you can look at the PTX and at least get some idea of what operation it was attempting to do which got maimed by the compiler.

Thanks for your response Keldor. I actually figured this one out. I had an initial OpenCL implementation that I was using for a CPU. When I went to the NVIDIA SDK for the GPU, it apparently doesn’t support function calls within the CL code (nor does the AMD SDK, I got another strange error from their SDK). So for now I’ve lumped all of my code into one kernel with no function calls.