Strange error on opening my scene

I have here a scene that does not open correctly, see the videos please:

All the assets are just ok, they do open when I open them one by one:

I have made package for you by “collect assets” command. Please answer me and I then send the link to this package by private message.

Hey Pekka,

Please feel free to email me the link.

Thanks, as always.


Thanks, Emailed it to you Relam…

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I guess this problem can be never solved. It might be cos house & characters were exported with old, now outdated connectors.

Let´s move on. I re-build this again, it´s not a huge work :)


Hi @pekka.varis! I don’t like hearing that you have to rebuild this… :( Please let me know if you encounter a problem with the newest release version.

As a matter of a fact, yes I still have issues and that´s why I wrote the posting about letting this issue go for good…

But since you asked, I show what are my funky behaviors now :)


I cannot drag the character to timeline as new asset track.
When I import the character itself to a fresh empty USD scene, all works ok:

So, do you want me to send this new scene to someone as PM , Wendy?

Thanks for letting me know @pekka.varis! I’ll get a developer on this. You can send me your files here: by clicking the “Submit a Request”.

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Hey Pekka, I have looked at the original file. One thing that we don’t currently support is embedding sequences inside of other types of prims… so having a Sequence in the root, fine. But also having Sequences embedded inside of other prims, such as animations, causes problems. If this was something you intended to do, please let me know what you were hoping for and we can message this better to users… because obviously if this confused someone as experienced with Machinima as you are, it would confuse anyone else as well!

We have put more error and console messages into the next version of Machinima as well so more of these kinds of issues will be shown as soon as they happen. We will continue to add messaging to help you guys out, and where possible, we will just make the app do what you are expecting it to do!

I think if you remove the extra Sequence prims from this file you will get something which performs much better. Or, as you suggest, you could rebuild it. I find that each time I rebuild a project, even though I regret the time spent, I end up learning more efficient ways to do it.

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Thank you for your help with me, you people!

So for the original scene & problem here; it all comes down to this:

See - the skeleton was missing and I was forced to attach my props ( phone for example ) to characters hand in the orginal exported CC USD. Bing!!!

I have to attach props to the cc characters with action core motions on them. That is why I have these embedded sequences…

And I want to have some flexibility to update stuff as I progress with project. That´s why I have imported all my characters and the interior to one plain “master USD”.

But if you find a way to:

  • import a cc character and assign an action-core motion on it
  • constrain a prop like phone or toy car to her hand
  • move around the character & prop without drifting

I can sure then do all 3 above steps in my “master USD” file and then we do not have the embedded sequences -problem!

@WendyGram I sended the latest scene too - through the “Submit a Request” link as you asked :)

I found out that the latest versions of CC, CC connector and Machinima - work flawless together on this! So all these problems are gone now. No need to dive in these files any more :)

I can see the skeleton now ALSO in new “master USD” scene where I have imported the CC character:

All I need to do is just rebuilt this one shot, my opening shot. Not a big waste of time :)