Strange horizontal lines around eye browses

I have all latest versions of Create and Character Creator & OV connector.

I get this strange horizontal lines around eye browses:

I get the same problem with HDR Light Studio:

What could this be?
BTW thanks for the “Shadow Terminator Fix”!

I can see the issue in path traced preview too:

When I change to 200% render resolution multiplier, it less visible but still there:

HI @pekka.varis! I reached out to the dev team to get someone there to look into this issue. I will let you know as soon as I have more information!

I think it is something that comes from old projects ( CC projects ).
Here is a fresh model I created in CC and it does not have that issue. But there are some other smaller issues here with this render… hmm I have to make more testing to see what is this. See those ghostly lines?

This is default CC ( the one you have when software opens ) character exported to USD. Rendered in create:

Here is the same character with another sky dome light. Again we see these horizontal lines…

I thought it could be this: Render Settings → Path Tracing → Sampling & Caching
So I deactivated Enable Caching and Enable Many-Light Sampling. But no help:

Hi @pekka.varis
what is your GPU driver version?
is it equal or above 497.29?
one of the ways to see it is in task manager➔ more details: performance tab ➔ GPU ➔ driver version


Driver version is 511.09

So I updated my driver to latest, but no help for this issue…

See, here I made just a normal native rectangle lights and again there is a problem with horizontal lines.

But now I have a new problmes here too, see the eyes are not ok. Somehow blurry at the edge of iris…

I tried the same scene with HDR Light Studio.
Quality of light is great, but I have the same problems…

Double check in Machinima & HDR Light Studio version of the scene.
Same issue:

we had encounter an issue, the hair and eyebrow are both wrong, not sure if it is the same with yours. For this issue, NVIDIA expert said

I could reproduce this issue (black edges around hair) in Create 2021.3.7, using a Quadro 5000 with 16GB, but only when updating to a newer driver (v511.09). Also happens in Create 2021.3.8. This doesn’t occur with driver v472.84,

Until a fix is found, a workaround may be to downgrade the driver (v472.84 works ok).


maybe you could try to rollback your driver to 472.84?

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This was the solution, thank you so much!


This problem is popping up again but with a diferent character, I use the Natasha character from Reallusion. Here is a path traced render with native OV sky hdri environment dome light:

See all those strange lines in skin again?
Now we have also white lines in eyes.
My RTX driver is the same v472.84.

And same problem with HDR Studio Light:

And with just few OV rect and sphere lights, same problem:

The problem exist also with this default female CC 3.44 character:

not so obvious but still issues here too.

Guess I just have to wait for Nvidia / Reallusion to fix this problem, until I continue work. Too complicated workarounds are kinda bad habbit :P

I just exported another model from CC 3.44.

This is the Redhead huntress model, that is also shown here earlier, when we thought this case was solved. I double checked the results with this model ( based on the CC female preset called

and yes this one renders fine!

Here is the plain fresh Katherine USD export, renders fine I think:

So, please help me to fix the problems with latest driver or help me to solve the errors in Natasha renders…

White lines appear when Shader > Subsurface Scatter Scaleis set too high,
or when an improper SSS map is used, such as a solid white texture.

You can check and adjust the settings in iClone first, or do the chagnes directly in Omniverse.

In Omniverse: Reset Subsurface Advanced > xxx_Scater_Scale to 1
01_ov_decrease the Subsurface Scatter Scale

In iClone:
Double click the sliders to reset to default

Reset the SSS Map texture

Please try the above method to see if it solves the problem.


wow! thanks!!

But still there remains that white bright line around the eye area.

In the eye or eye occlusion materials there was not this scatter scale 1.25 to change.

How do I fix this?
@WendyGram could you send this so someone in Nvidia who work with the CC USD settings. The Natasha CC characters face skin Shader > Subsurface Scatter Scale must be set to 1.0 not 1.25


New tiny detail I found out with this case. See how it renders in Machinima:

The white line at the cheek…

And then this is Create:

That white line is less visible…

I still wait for answer for these problems. White waiting I did this:

You can still see those white bright lines around eyes…