Strange horizontal lines around eye browses

for path-traced SSS with bright HDRI
I think you could send the most recent USD files to
and @WendyGram maybe ask for Omniverse RTX render experts like Morteza, Frank Liu, to take a look if they have time?

@WendyGram I just sended you the “Natasha with too bright eye-lids” USD scene.

So maybe you can now send this forward, like weienchen from Reallusion suggest above? Thanks!

Just a little update to this issue, with the Create ver 2022.1.0.

So I exported again a character from CC 3.44, and with the older Nvidia Driver 472.84

Render is here and now we see again those small white lines on the skin:

I dropped the Heads surface SSS values to 1.0 not 1.25.

Now I still see them. So the fix ( use older Nvidia driver ) is not working any more.

With the latest Nvidia studio driver 5.12.15 the seams are more visible:

Then again, If I use the default female character in CC, and apply Skin-Gen texture and export USD as path traced, max texture size 4096:

Not bad! I cannot see those white line rendering errors anymore, not is skin or eyelines! Also the SSS skin values at head material values are all correct, 1 and not 1.25.

So these errors are something specific to new Scan Reality characters, like Natasha?
I have to make some more test, but this looks like the issue…

Do you try to Reset Texture for SSS Map ?

Sometimes applying the white texture as SSS map in iClone is for better SSS result, but it is very easy to cause white line problem in Omniverse. (Natasha’s SSS Map is whole white texture, please reset it.)

If you have alrady executed Reset Texture for SSS Map, but still has the white line problem.
Please try to decrease Subsurface > Scale in Omniverse.

Thank you. I try this right now!
But is not possible to Reset Texture for SSS Map in Character Creator 3.44 ?

You can Reset Texture in Chararcter Creator, there is the same user interface in Shader Settings.

Great! I just studied both ways :)

Here is the new character ( sss reset done in CC ) just as it imports to create 2022.1.0 so no any tweaking of settings is Create:

White lines is skin area are gone, excellent!
But those bright inner eye-lid lines are still there…

Now I only decreases Subsurface > Scale to 0.2 in Head materials in Omniverse, just like you guided.

I think it looks quite good!
I leaved the subsurface advanced settings as they were, all in 1.25

There must be some easy trick to fix that inner eyelid brigt line :P Please share me if you know?

It is not tearline, that is tested now:

I got it a bit better.

My tweked settings to eliminate the too bright inner yey-lid are here:

normal map strenght 0.5

Micro normal
Micro normal strenght 0.5

sub surface scale 0.25

sub surface advanced
all to 1.25

InnerLid scatter scale 1
Unmasked scatter scale 1

Back to CC, I added more makeup. and this time a dark mascara to kill to overly bright eye lid.

In CC I did the SSS reset fix (described above here).

Here is the character in Create as it was opened:

And here it is as a brunette, in Create I only lowered subsurface / scale to 0.25

That´s all!

here with better lights:

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And here even better render.

Now I have to figure out why those glasses jump up even I have used the new keyframe function on transition. But that´s another story…

Here she is with eye glasses fixed.

One more just for fun, maybe a bit more easy for the eye…

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