Strange IO Error

I’m getting a strange error when I run an MPI code. The line of source code that creates the error will be different almost every run. The compiler is 6.2-2 and MPI is MPICH 1.2.7.

PGFIO/stdio: Resource temporarily unavailable
PuFIO-F-/formatted write/unit=6/error code returned by host stdio - 11.
File name = stdout formatted, sequential access record = 2220
In source file vischk.f, at line number 651

Hi Bill,

STDIO Error 11 (EAGAIN) is caused when a system resource limit has been reached as or a resource is locked. However, I don’t know why your getting this errors since I’ve never encountered it in this context.

Is each process printing a lot to stdout? Maybe the I/O buffer is being filled? Can you debug the program using PGDBG?

  • Mat