Strange pgdbg behavior in source window

Using PGDBG 6.0-5. I did not see the same behavior in 5.2. I work with other users across the country with the same issue.

Problem occurs when source window first appears and also when breakpoints are reached.

In the filename pane directly above the source code pane, all the file names of the program rapidly cycle and I have to wait until this stops before I can do anything else. With the large number of subroutines (> 350), this takes a long time and can get really annoying.

Any assistance in stopping this behavior would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

(P.S. I am also getting the warning “Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion” if this has anything to do with it).


6.0-5 is a relatively old release. There have been four major PGI releases since then, which included many changes and improvements to the debugger (as well as to the compilers!).

We don’t have any record of problems like you describe, although the performance of symbol processing has been improved significantly since then. Sorry I don’t have any workarounds to offer at this time.

I checked with our support team, and they suggested that you send email to In the email make sure to refer to this user forum posting and let them know you were had complaints about the 6.0-5 debugger. They recommended getting you a temporary license for our most recent release to allow you to check if the problem exists there.


My sys admin installed an evaluation copy of 7.0-4 and the problem did not appear.

It’s something we can live with until we are ready to upgrade.

Thanks for your assistance.