Strange USB-id for Jetson TK1 in rescue mode.


I have a board that does not come up as expected in rescue-mode.
The expected USB-id is 0955:7740. But this device comes up as 0955:7040.
I have successfully flash:ed it, but the U-boot does not recognize the eMMC.
Probably because it has different device ID’s.
What kind of device is this? I cannot find a reference to it anywhere.

Is it a fake device? I have never seen this USB-id anywhere.


Edit: The device produced(?)1810 holds USB-id 0955:7040.
I have another device produced 17xx that holds the same 0955:7040 id.
The older device produced(?) 1439 holds USB-id 0955:7740.
The existing binaries won’t enumerate eMMC correctly on the 7040 device.
That is as far as I’ve come right now.
What are the differences between the devices?

I haven’t see those either, but there are a lot of Tegra devices. The expected ID for a TK1 is actually “0955:7140”. Do you have a picture of it? Someone else may know without that, but I am curious. If you hover your mouse over the upper right corner quote icon of an existing post you will see a paper clip icon show up. You can use that to upload the image if you have one.


Please check addition with pictures above.
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I do not know what markings should be on the inside of the actual Tegra chip, but I’m sure someone here from NVIDIA could check this. What is the specific source of this chip? Is it from a TK1 dev kit? Or some specific kit of a third party manufacturer?

The board is a custom board from a third party manufacturer.
I think I may have sorted the eMMC issue.
It is probably due to probing of a eMMC 5.0+ instead of a eMMC 4.0+ chip on old drivers.
Will try to fix tomorrow.
Anything else anyone can tell me on the differences between the two chips or on why I seem to be the only one to report anything on this USB-id?