Stream live link documentation

Is there any documentation on creating custom scripts that connect to Steam live link? All of the official documentation seems to reference the unreal plugin.

I have found some information outside of this forum on how to alter the a2f python scripts for the ARKit face solve nodes and send that information over OSC, but I would like get an array of the full a2f blend shape weights (not ARKit) to drive a model being rendered in Notch VFX or touch designer (a python or JS script running in those apps).

Alternatively, is there any documentation on how to grab an array of the a2f blend shapes so I could create a custom node that sends this information out?

Can you take a look at this file and see if it has what you need. I think it does get blendShape weights from solver node and passes them to streamLiveLink node

I think i can make this work, Thank you!

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